Holiday Season

This is what determination looks like. This is what praying, hoping, wishing looks like. This is what blood, sweat and tears looks like! This is what grinding looks like. All those months of setting the groundwork for this has finally paid off! As I continue to grow and build my brand there is nothing more fulfilling than this. I hope that being able to showcase my personal style will help inspire some of you! With the holidays and Winter around the corner ladies and gentlemen there are a few things we should have in our closets. A good coat whether it be an overcoat, parka, or puffer. It should be a neutral color so that you can get a lot of use out of it such as camel, navy, black, grey and even olive green. Also a good quality pair of boots. Chelsea’s are still in style and can be dressed up and down. With this look I paired navy blue joggers with a white button up with patchwork. Even though joggers are a “casual” piece I thought to showcase the versatility of them with this look. These are the same joggers from the Apr├Ęs Ski post but in blue instead of black. Also great accessories(glasses, watch, bracelet) help to complete this look! Remember when shopping for staple pieces this Winter/Holiday Season to choose quality over quantity. There are so many outlets in which you can shop to complete this look but make sure that it is money well spent! Ensure that you will get a lot of wear out of the pieces you are purchasing! Happy Holidays to All!

New Beginnings


Growing up society has us to believe we should follow certain guidelines. Get through elementary to high school then college, figure out your career path then become successful. If only it was that easy. Since an adolescent I have gone back and forth between career options. I’ve only had two things that I was really passionate about and that was law and fashion. Through others eyes becoming a lawyer was much more of a lucrative career then going into fashion. But I had to decide what made me happy. By tenth grade I knew that becoming a lawyer wasn’t for me. Now that I am on what I think to be the right track I feel free, more alive then before. It’s hard to try to break into this industry but I am ready to take it by storm. I’ve set some short and long term goals for myself and hope to see my brand blossom someday.