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Walking through the city today and I spotted this cute boutique. I fell in love instantly! Its clothing and style is inspired by the early American time period. Browsing through the store inspired me to blog. If you are ever in the area I strongly advised you to stop in and take a look. Prices range from moderately to high priced. But in my option totally worth it. It’s so unique you won’t have to worry about seeing someone else with anything you’ve purchased.

Impromptu Moments

In life were thrown curve balls, jump through hurdles and overcome obstacles. When it gets tough we need a friend to lean on. In a good friendship you learn how to love unconditionally and put someone besides yourself first. Not only do you learn to love another human being but you also learn to love yourself and everything around you. I honestly can say I love calling this women my best friend, in the past few years we’ve been through so much together. We have watched each other grow into impeccable people in which the world is not ready for. Its like were not friends anymore were family. I have truly enjoyed the past six to seven years and look forward to many more.

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New Beginnings


Growing up society has us to believe we should follow certain guidelines. Get through elementary to high school then college, figure out your career path then become successful. If only it was that easy. Since an adolescent I have gone back and forth between career options. I’ve only had two things that I was really passionate about and that was law and fashion. Through others eyes becoming a lawyer was much more of a lucrative career then going into fashion. But I had to decide what made me happy. By tenth grade I knew that becoming a lawyer wasn’t for me. Now that I am on what I think to be the right track I feel free, more alive then before. It’s hard to try to break into this industry but I am ready to take it by storm. I’ve set some short and long term goals for myself and hope to see my brand blossom someday.

A Clear Mind




A couple days ago my close friend and I, were in NY for a shoot. A week prior to this I had expressed to him how I wanted to learn how to use a camera, and better understand what actually goes into taking a good picture. While he was shooting I took a walk and went to sit at a park located under the Brooklyn Bridge, sitting there I was able to notice so much. I watched parents interact with their children and pets, couples walking hand in hand enjoying each others company and it hit me. The depressed spirit I have been carrying around for weeks seem to just be lifted away. I have so much to be thankful for, there are thousands of homeless people in this city and they still wake up and are grateful to see another day. In this process of reflecting I snapped this picture of the Brooklyn Bridge (middle), talk about beginners luck. This photo means a lot to me not only for the reason that I captured such a dope pic of a monumental place but what the Brooklyn Bridge stands for to me. This is something that shows stability, reliability, longevity. The bridge has been around for centuries and is still standing doing its job in which it was created for. I hope this is a foreshadow for my future to come, creating a brand that can be trusted and encompass that same attributes as the Brooklyn Bridge.

Antonio Cardoza (Middle)
Terrelle Pettis (Top & Bottom)