Après Ski

 I haven’t been blogging, vlogging, or posting any fashion related post in awhile because I recently started a new job so I have lost a little focus until I was able to regain balance of my new Full time and posting.  Although I have been learning how to practice patience and everything will align just perfectly when you do! I am blessed to have a job where I now can incorporate both my love for retail fashion and my passion to continuously  build my own brand outside of my day job.

This look is inspired by all the people who are currently heading to ski lodges, having hot toddies, mingling by the fire place hence the title “Après Ski”.  This  means any events that will occur after a day of skiing. These pieces will keep you comfortable and warm enough to enjoy yourself but not actually protect  from the frigid cold air and snow once your on the slopes. Joggers have been a consistent trend within men’s fashion for a few seasons now,  even though I feel like they arr somewhat played out I think if you come across the right pair you can make them work. This look consist of a matching  jogger tracksuit, paired back to sneakers, red puffer jacket and ski goggles! This look is fun, sporty, and urban at the same time and is easily ACHIEVABLE at any budget! Gentlemen try it out for yourselves!  

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