Chiyoteru (Eternal light ,千代照)


As my brand expands I become more in love with what I do. I know I’ve said this before but this shoot is my absolutely favorite to date. I had a vision and a concept and I brought it to life. I want to put my spin on what I felt would be a modern day Geisha girl.

I literally was laying in bed one night looking through photos on Tumblr and Pinterest to try and develop the right look and feel I was going for. After a few days I knew exactly what I wanted to go for. From what I wanted the hair to look like, to finding the right type of dress even down to make up, and set design. And I knew exactly the team of people with whom I wanted to work with.

I am more than pleased and happy with how everything came out. I feel this is just beginning for me and shoots like these set me apart from the rest of my competitors. This has transformed from just your typical “stylist” to a bigger goal in which I’m working towards production manager/creative director.

I hope you guys enjoy my work as much as I enjoy sharing it with the world. There will be greater things to come for the Antonio Cardoza brand. I am determine to leave my mark on this industry, and I WILL! Just wanted to thank the team I worked with for this shoot you guys are amazing and thanks for helping bring this concept to life. Love you all.

“Geisha needs an elegant wardrobe, just like an artists needs ink. If she is not properly dressed, than she is not a true geisha.”

Photographer: Princeton Tymus
Model: Diana Ly
MUA: Rebekkah (beatbysweetz)
Styling/Creative Direction: Antonio Cardoza

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