A Clear Mind




A couple days ago my close friend and I, were in NY for a shoot. A week prior to this I had expressed to him how I wanted to learn how to use a camera, and better understand what actually goes into taking a good picture. While he was shooting I took a walk and went to sit at a park located under the Brooklyn Bridge, sitting there I was able to notice so much. I watched parents interact with their children and pets, couples walking hand in hand enjoying each others company and it hit me. The depressed spirit I have been carrying around for weeks seem to just be lifted away. I have so much to be thankful for, there are thousands of homeless people in this city and they still wake up and are grateful to see another day. In this process of reflecting I snapped this picture of the Brooklyn Bridge (middle), talk about beginners luck. This photo means a lot to me not only for the reason that I captured such a dope pic of a monumental place but what the Brooklyn Bridge stands for to me. This is something that shows stability, reliability, longevity. The bridge has been around for centuries and is still standing doing its job in which it was created for. I hope this is a foreshadow for my future to come, creating a brand that can be trusted and encompass that same attributes as the Brooklyn Bridge.

Antonio Cardoza (Middle)
Terrelle Pettis (Top & Bottom)

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