What Suits You?

As I take my fashion to new heights, I slowly but surely am transitioning from more of a trendier style to something more traditional and classic. I will admit ripped denim and over sized sweaters are so much easier to put together. Often I found suiting to be boring until I started having fun with the way I would put my outfits together. This particular suit maybe a lot for the “average”  man but hopefully this post inspires some out there to take more a risk with their suiting.
img_3538Typically I  normally do a sports coat and a pair of slacks or denim like the look from my previous post. I chose this suit A.  I am absolutely in love with the color and print and B. to show how this suit (though more out there then the regular suits gentlemen would wear to work) can be done for everyday and while still be taken seriously.img_3543The suit is a deep purplish blue with a burgundy plaid print. I paired it with a burgundy merino wool turtleneck to help make the plaid pattern on the suit to pop and be more noticeable. The thread count is a Super 150 which makes more of a special occasion suit than your everyday.  The higher the thread count the finer the wool! For my shoes I went back to a chocolate brown Chelsea boot. You can also do any loafer of your choice but with it being so cold in my are a boot was the best option. The boots are suede which adds some more texture to the actual outfit itself.img_3539The scarf was a last minute addition because I felt like the look was complete and needed a little more oomph. The scarf has hues of Reds and purples which adds another layer of color. The scarf also helps to make the plaid pattern more noticeable and ties the whole look together. This scarf is light and is a cashmere/wool blend. Making it warm enough to do its job but not heavy for it to layer over top of your suit and under your overcoat.
img_3541The bag that I am carrying is called the Over sized Vendome. It looks is inspired by the Vednome building. The bag itself comes in two smaller sizes which is a handbag for women. But the over sized version can be utilized by  both sexes. This version only comes in two colors the brown that is pictured and a black. Its structure and size make it perfect for a weekend bag and a great holiday present for him/her.
img_3540After shooting this look I feel more inspired to post more suiting looks and to venture out with my style. Keeping you guys more informed on thread counts, what suits are good for everyday and how to add more pizzazz to your works suits.  If you anyone has any questions as to where I got these pieces from and the price leave a comment on this post of write me directly. If there are any gentlemen out there who is having issues deciding how to wear any particular pieces and want me  to create a look and post it  to my blog feel free to reach and let me know! Hope this post served you well the men out there to play more with your suiting.

Editor In Chief

This look was inspired around the Editor bag.  This bag is versatile and can be utilized by both men and women. The bag is for that person who is in charge, who needs to carry around important papers for a meeting, and even spacious enough to even fit you laptop in. It comes in a multitude of colors and can be personalized with you initials.For this look I wanted to do a Sports Coat and do a business casual look. I chose a grey heathered  sports coat which is a great staple to be in every mans closet. Paired back to a blue and white striped button down and a purple V-neck sweater for a pop of color. The Navy blue polka dot pocket square adds some more texture and depth to the outfit.I finished the look with a simple blue silk scarf with a Toucan pattern and a light weight overcoat. The coat is a slightly darker grey and what I love  about this particular coat is how light weight  it is , which makes it easier to wear over top of the sports coat. Anyone who knows me know I love a Chelsea boot , but this time I went with a classic black leather one. If you are deciding  to make you first Chelsea boot I would personally suggest either a black color or a neutral tan color.If you are still looking for great gifts for your hubby’s either one of the pieces  will make perfect gifts for him.  They most certainly will love and get a lot of use out of them.

Vida Fitness( Skin Care Launch)

Tis the season!! We are officially in the holiday season where there are nothing but holiday parties, Galas, and charity events happening in my city. My store did a pop up shop a few weeks ago where I had the pleasure of meeting Elaine Perhach. She is the General Manager of Vida Fitness in Downtown DC, she informed me that they were throwing an event to promote the launch of their skin care for men. If you know me you know I am ALL about skin care! My store manager thought this would be a great idea to network and to promote brand awareness. I had the pleasure of styling her for said event and If I do say so myself she looked absolutely stunning! The event had such a great turn out and I got to leave with  samples. If you have any questions about any of the pieces she is wearing or the services that this Gym/Spa has to offer do not hesitate to reach out and I can answer any questions that you may have! Happy Holidays and enjoy the snow!!


Holiday Season

This is what determination looks like. This is what praying, hoping, wishing looks like. This is what blood, sweat and tears looks like! This is what grinding looks like. All those months of setting the groundwork for this has finally paid off! As I continue to grow and build my brand there is nothing more fulfilling than this. I hope that being able to showcase my personal style will help inspire some of you! With the holidays and Winter around the corner ladies and gentlemen there are a few things we should have in our closets. A good coat whether it be an overcoat, parka, or puffer. It should be a neutral color so that you can get a lot of use out of it such as camel, navy, black, grey and even olive green. Also a good quality pair of boots. Chelsea’s are still in style and can be dressed up and down. With this look I paired navy blue joggers with a white button up with patchwork. Even though joggers are a “casual” piece I thought to showcase the versatility of them with this look. These are the same joggers from the Après Ski post but in blue instead of black. Also great accessories(glasses, watch, bracelet) help to complete this look! Remember when shopping for staple pieces this Winter/Holiday Season to choose quality over quantity. There are so many outlets in which you can shop to complete this look but make sure that it is money well spent! Ensure that you will get a lot of wear out of the pieces you are purchasing! Happy Holidays to All!

Après Ski

 I haven’t been blogging, vlogging, or posting any fashion related post in awhile because I recently started a new job so I have lost a little focus until I was able to regain balance of my new Full time and posting.  Although I have been learning how to practice patience and everything will align just perfectly when you do! I am blessed to have a job where I now can incorporate both my love for retail fashion and my passion to continuously  build my own brand outside of my day job.

This look is inspired by all the people who are currently heading to ski lodges, having hot toddies, mingling by the fire place hence the title “Après Ski”.  This  means any events that will occur after a day of skiing. These pieces will keep you comfortable and warm enough to enjoy yourself but not actually protect  from the frigid cold air and snow once your on the slopes. Joggers have been a consistent trend within men’s fashion for a few seasons now,  even though I feel like they arr somewhat played out I think if you come across the right pair you can make them work. This look consist of a matching  jogger tracksuit, paired back to sneakers, red puffer jacket and ski goggles! This look is fun, sporty, and urban at the same time and is easily ACHIEVABLE at any budget! Gentlemen try it out for yourselves!  



The first chapter of The Black Book is called Back to Basics. In this vlog post I touch on one of the most important staple pieces that every man should have in their closet “The White Button Up”, its importance lies within the versatility of the shirt. It can be dressed up and down and paired with virtually anything so easy. In the vlog post I showcase five different looks from my closet incorporating  a few different white button up. The video is linked in this post below but I thought that mood boards would better explain just how versatile this article of clothing is. I will be bringing you more posts to help better your wardrobe so be ready gentlemen!!



DSC00229_edited (skincare 1)DSC00233_edited skincare 2DSC00242_edited skin care 3

One of the things I get asked the most is what I use on my skin. My reply is always, “I just drink a lot of water” in which this does play a significant role in skin care, HOWEVER I feel like everyone should have a good day to day skin care regimen! First thing first I have been shaving my own head for almost about a year now. When I decided to go bald( or when the Lord said let there be no more hair follicles) I would head to my barber and have him do a full head shave but the hair would grow back so quickly that I would find myself making frequent visits to him. Which A. Can be time consuming and B. costly, which no one has time for or at least me! One night  scrolling on one of my social media sites I come across and AD for Bevel, I read up on the brand, loved that it was a Black owned company with a shaving system intended for men of color so I thought I’d give it a try.  Ever since I received the package in the mail I’ve been in love! I do not get razor bumps or any ingrown hairs, my head is as smooth as it was the first day I shaved it. If you go to their website you can start you free trial and try it out yourself. They’ll send you the full kit (as pictured in the second photo) to get you started, trust me when I say this is the best thing I’ve tried thus far!  Also pictured is two brands that I live by  1. Origins charcoal exfoliating scrub and 2. M-61‘s Power Cleanse face wash and Power Glow Moisturizer. For all my people that have oily skin or combination skin I highly recommend these products. Both the Charcoal mask and Power cleanse ar daily washes but for me I choose to you the Charcoal mask as an exfoliating mask once a week and the power cleanse as my daily wash. They both help to clear and minimize the pores. The Origins Charcoal scrub retails for $30 in comparison to the Power Cleanse wash which retails for $34. Reasons as to why I chose the Power Cleanse as my everyday wash is it is Gluten free and Vegan, the Glycolic acid helps to remove dead skin cells and helps the skin to feel clean and smooth with out the dry feeling. Also it has Tea tree extract to help with blemish prone skin. Now M-61 has two Moisturizers the Power Glow Moisturizer and the Hydraboost Moisturizer both i have used but i opted with the  Power Glow because it is geared towards oily skin. It also has to promote even skin tone and fine lines. The Hydraboost is also a great choice it has Vitamin E and B5,  peptides helps to stimulate collagen in the skin. Also for my ladies who where make up it is also a primer! These moisturizers both retail at $72. Now I know what you’re thinking these are products are a expensive and this blog is called #BrokeWithExpensiveTaste BUT, there a few things I feel like you can splurge on and one is skin care. I am all about healthy, youthful looking skin so I don’t feel like the price is too much.  You don’t have to purchase everything all at once you can buy them separately and slowly build your skincare regimen. Another thing with these products a little goes a long way so these can be used for months before actually needing a refill. As you know the brands are hyperlinked in the post so you can go directly to websites and check them out, also the Origins scrub can be found in you local Sephora while M-61’s one can be found in all Blue Mercury’s. With all of these products being so pricey i am curious to hear some responses on tips and products that you use for combination to oily skin. Head on over to my contact page and message me with what use that works so I can try some different products.